Kunstrasenfestival goes international — Artgrass

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July 17th to July 19th 2015

The fes­ti­val for appeal­ing and mis­cel­la­neous art, the Kun­strasen­fes­ti­val, will take place in 2015 in Nurem­berg under the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge for the 8th time. On the week­end from July 17th to July 19th we offer dif­fer­ent kinds of art, from cre­ative plea­sures to var­i­ous musi­cal enjoy­ments. The whole fes­ti­val is open-air and for free. Start­ing on Mon­day July 13th you can camp in the inter­na­tion­al Art-Camp under the bridge and try out your artis­tic skills.

„Kun­strasen“ is trans­lat­ed “Arti­fi­cial Turf “ into ”good” Eng­lish. But this way the beau­ti­ful play on words in Ger­man falls by the way­side. For this rea­son we have changed it a bit and call it “Art­Grass”.

Inter­na­tion­al Art-Camp

Start­ing on Mon­day July 13th 2015 that is the week before the Art­Grass fes­ti­val starts, we will hold an art-camp. Artists will have the chance to spend a few enjoy­able days, live togeth­er under the bridge, sleep in tents, build up the fes­ti­val bit by bit and much more. We pro­vide you with lawn and the bridge as artis­tic out­put space.

By the way: from Tues­day on we will enliv­en the bridge every evening – with a live stage and much more. If you would like to take part in the Art-Camp, please reg­is­ter at: michael.goetz@cvjm-nuernberg.de

Kun­strasen goes international

Since last time more than 20 Chi­nese par­tic­i­pat­ed, this year we are invit­ing many oth­er nations. We are hop­ing many will come. We have already con­tact­ed friends in: Lon­don, Roma­nia, Poland and the Ukraine. Besides their artis­tic activ­i­ties they will also live in the Art-Camp and build up the fes­ti­val with us.

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