Kunstrasenfestival goes international – Artgrass

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July 17th to July 19th 2015

The festival for appealing and miscellaneous art, the Kunstrasenfestival, will take place in 2015 in Nuremberg under the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge for the 8th time. On the weekend from July 17th to July 19th we offer different kinds of art, from creative pleasures to various musical enjoyments. The whole festival is open-air and for free. Starting on Monday July 13th you can camp in the international Art-Camp under the bridge and try out your artistic skills.

„Kunstrasen“ is translated “Artificial Turf “ into ”good” English. But this way the beautiful play on words in German falls by the wayside. For this reason we have changed it a bit and call it “ArtGrass”.

International Art-Camp

Starting on Monday July 13th 2015 that is the week before the ArtGrass festival starts, we will hold an art-camp. Artists will have the chance to spend a few enjoyable days, live together under the bridge, sleep in tents, build up the festival bit by bit and much more. We provide you with lawn and the bridge as artistic output space.

By the way: from Tuesday on we will enliven the bridge every evening – with a live stage and much more. If you would like to take part in the Art-Camp, please register at: michael.goetz@cvjm-nuernberg.de

Kunstrasen goes international

Since last time more than 20 Chinese participated, this year we are inviting many other nations. We are hoping many will come. We have already contacted friends in: London, Romania, Poland and the Ukraine. Besides their artistic activities they will also live in the Art-Camp and build up the festival with us.

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